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SAS 964

The SAS 964 is designed as a front pad for Endurance GT Racing. It has a flat characteristics which enables the driver to be less aggressive when braking whilst still achieving improved stopping power. 

SAS 964 racing pads are sintered for maximum durability. This process enables it to complete 24 hour endurance races such as the 'Le Mans 24 hours' without any pad change.

The less-aggressive style of the pad results in less overall load being delivered to the braking system (rotors, calipers, etc.) therefore increasing the longevity of all braking components and keeping the overall temperature as low as possible.


SAS 964 is commonly used in a combination with the SAS 871 for optimal braking balance in front-engine race cars. For mid-engine race cars, it is possible to use SAS 964 for both front and rear.